Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week # 99 ~5th week of Running!

July 13
Hello Family,
This week was Good.  So I am still in the same area and didn't move. We also got a third companion who I have served with about 6 months ago.  I am not excited about having two companions.  We also had a weird dinner with a gay guy.  The stake is now assigning meals for missionaries instead of asking for volunteers and everyone doesn't like that. So our meals have gone down in the past couple of weeks. 
This is our 5th week of running and it is going great.
We had the opportunity to go to this very fancy restaurant.  We ordered frog legs.  I went with Elder Jones and they were gross and slimy.  Our third comp. Is being dumb and wants to leave so I have to go? 
It makes me sad, but I have to go.  Love you so much!!
I was told that I am leaving the 6 of August.  Could you check with Pres. about that pleases?
Love you all,
Elder Vance