Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week # 91 ~ Amazing baptism Day!

Hi guys,
This week was great…. I kind of walked into the baptisms. I don’t know that much about them yet but was able to help out. 
It has been raining A LOT!!!  The mud is thick and there is lots of it.  Most roads around here are dirt.   Right after the wedding we got stuck in the mud.   We had to get a guy to call we know and he called his “redneck father” to help us.   He brought his big truck to pull us out and he got a bunch of chains and hocked them to the back of our car and pulls us out.  It took about a half hour. They had to pull out a road sign so our car wouldn’t hit it.  It was awesomely funny!
I just got a packet of paper work that I need to dill out to get ready for my release.  I need to put a date on my paper work about release date.   I need to send in to the mission office.  What date should I put down?

We had two baptisms and I will send the pictures
I have not herd anything from Pres. Weston yet.  I could email him next week and ask if he has gotten your email and letter.
Love you lots, 
Elder Vance