Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

~Final Letter Home.

Last Letter from Nebraska!

Hello Family & Friends,

As I depart from Nebraska, I send you a final letter thanking your for all your support.  
Through letters, packages and prayers on my behalf. 
I have loved my time here  and sad to have to leave but know that I have done my best and served the Lord.  It has been an amazing 2 years full of up's and down's.  I have learned a lot and my testimony has grown.  I love my Heavenly Father and know that this Gospel is full of truths that will help us live a full and happy life and one day live with Him again.  I have been blessed to have the opportunity to share my testimony with the people of Nebraska. 
I look forward to seeing you all again and sharing the sweet spirit that I have enjoyed with you all. 
Again thank you all for sharing this adventure in the Omaha Nebraska Mission with me. 

Love, Elder Vance

Week # 101 ~SUPER SLOW WEEK.....

Hello All,

So being my very last full week in Nebraska, it was super slow, almost nothing happened.  
On Monday we went to the zoo for the last time and it was amazing as always! Yesterday, we went to this less actives house to try to see them and we could hear their TV on (which was kind of loud) and so we knocked and knocked and Elder Jones kept knocking.  After about the 5th knock we herd a shotgun getting cocked right by the door.  We then bolted out down the stairs and across the driveway, we quickly acrossed the street and jumped in our car and drove as fast as we could.  While we were running, we herd " Hey!  I see you running!!!"  It was very scary!!! 
I am trying to say good bye to all that I can, it is sad, but I em excited and nervous about my return home!  Cannot wait to see you this week!

Love, Elder Vance

Week #100 ~Burglars??

July 27

 Hello to all my wonderful family,

Add Robbery to my list of missionary embarrassments,
So during this week we accidentally helped out with a type of robbery.  One of our investigators died and her husband asked us for help with moving her stuff out of the house and into a storage unit.  But what we learned later, was that really was her EX husband and we helped him move the things into his storage unit.  What we found out was that the parents of the lady wanted their daughters stuff and that the ex was actually stealing it.  ARGG, We let everyone know and tried to make things as “RIGHT” as we could.   
My comps are great. We are meshing well and enjoying serving together.
I am trying to finish my home coming talk but it is hard and I’m not sure what to put in it.   
Time is short and I will see you soon,
As for food when I fly home,  I really do not want to go to any restaurants,
PLEASE just take me home!!
I can’t wait to see you either!!

Love you tons,
Elder Vance