Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week # 40 ~”Pretty bird!”

Hello one and all,

I wanted to start out with a thought from our weekly letter from our mission president. I thought that it was pretty good,
"Map out your future, but do it in pencil." (Jon Bon Jovi) 
I think that dad will know who that is.

So this week was actually pretty interesting.

Monday.  Was of course our p-day, and it was an uneventful day. We hung out at Spanish's apartment all day it was pretty boring.

Tuesday.  We had zone conference today.   We left for Lincoln at 8 in the morning and we road tripped it all the way there.   It took forever and when we got there it was just about to start.  The conference was about families. It was very spiritual all about families and how important they are. I was very thankful for all of the things that you and dad have taught me.  How to sew, how to  iron, how to clean the bathroom, washing dishes, yard work (moving bark and weeding), and a lot of other stuff.  Hard work is important!  All these things have come in handy to know when you are on your own.  Hard work and knowing how to work is a lesson that a lot of people don’t know how to do.  A lot of missionaries were not prepared to come here and be on there own.   So Preston, Makenzie and Tyson don’t complain when you have to work.  It is a great lesson.  Dad I bet you never thought I would say that AHHH!

Pres. Weston also showed us a home movie about his kids and their families.   He said that all of them either graduated from or are going to Utah State.   So I think that it is a sign that I should definitely go to Utah State.  The conference was 7 hours long, we had fasted breakfast and we had lunch there.  We had about 8 missionaries in our car and we were hanging out for a few minutes after we got home.  When suddenly something darted out toward our front door outside.  Some of the elders were chasing it and a Spanish elder dove at it and snatched it and it was a baby rabbit.   It could fit in your hands and it was super cute.  So we showed it to everyone and took some pictures and then my comp wanted to keep it and so we kept it in a metal pot with a towel over it in our bathtub with the door closed, until it got dark and let it go out side.  I though if only Tyson were here, he could have it…. Well maybe!?

Wednesday.  Normal Day

Thursday.  We were teaching J.W, a less active and while we were teaching him he asked to go for a walk.   We went on a walk with him and down the street was a parrot in a near by tree.   We tried to catch it and it flew away to another tree and J tried to help us.   He got on his phone and was playing a recording of an old lady talking to her parrot saying ' pretty bird pretty bird' and making sounds to it and the parrot squawked at us and flew away.  So funny.  We will continue to help him along. 

 Love Elder Vance 

                                                             Zone conference May 2014
Our 2 hour pet bunny

                           My original group of elders and sisters that came out with me. 
                                                    Nine months & NOT counting!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week # 39 ~So Sew at Sewing!

Hello family,

This week was interesting so I am going to recount it backwards

Sunday.  We finally got more miles for our car so we can actually use it when its our time to use it!! Church was cool.  I was doing a little bit of studying about the millennium during church and I found out a bunch of things and a lot of answers to our investigator A’s questions.  A is our investigator and she is always asking super great questions.  We have been talking about the millennium.   I learned that there will be no death during the millennium and when you get old you will be transfigured 'with in a twinkling of an eye'.  The greatest thing is that everything will be revealed to us: the past, present, future, and everything that is hidden, seen, and slightly understood with be revealed completely unto us.  She was so excited to learn about it. 

Saturday.  We were walking around a ton and we helped with habitat for humanity and for that we pored a ton of concrete.  We had to ware rubber boots over our shoes and a cement truck came and poured a ton of concrete.   We spread it our and around and then smoothed it out troweled it.   Then went to a giant potluck and I have never felt so full and after the food.  Then I played some jackpot football with some of the younger guys in our ward.   While playing that I ripped my pants down the thigh and every little kid noticed and pointed at me and said ' did you rip your pants?!'  So, I sewed them back together and I think that I did a pretty good job at it.   I'm not sure how long it will last but I am thankful that I had watched Makenzie and mom sew. 

Friday.  The Spanish elders came to our apartment when we were not there and hid my rubix ball and I couldn't find it for a couple of days until now.  I found it duck taped under my desk, to give them credit, I would have never found it if I had not fallen off of my chair. So funny!

Thursday Transfers…. I am glad that I am with Elder Bailey again, everything remains the same.

Wednesday through Monday was a normally normal missionary days.
My cold is almost gone, and  I am feeling much better.


Elder Vance

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week # 38 ~Mothers Day Call

Hello family,

I had tons of fun SKYPE-ing with you guys yesterday!!  It made my day tons better. I love you all!

It’s 85 degrees out side with 50% humidity, which makes it feel like 100 degrees out side. It is really really HOT!   I have sweated through my clothing completely.  I woke up three times through the night soo excited to call you guys.  We set multiple alarm clocks so we can wake up.

Today, we did norming studies, reading exercise then out the door to our first appointment by 10 a.m.   

I am riding my bike a lot but am still in need of getting my back tire fixed.  My companion Elder Bailey also has a flat tire, so it looks like we will be driving to the bike store tomorrow. 

I am learning as a missionary to be patient.  Also great resistance to second hand smoke.  Lots for people smoke here and just seem to blow it in your face. 

We are reading from the D & C ops…we were asked to call D & C by its name Doctrine and Convenience from now on so people are to confused.  Yesterday we were taught in church about the Donkey that spoke.  It was awesome.  You should all find it and read it. 

My companion Elder Bailey is from Monticello Utah.  His mom stills lives there.  He has a ton of family.  His dad lives in Alaska and wants to be a state trooper.  He is the oldest child.  He is so fun and we are great frinds.  Transfers are Thursday, He thinks he will be transferred, we both hope not!  He has been her in GI for 6 months so it is very possible. 

My mission so far is awesome.  Tons of store compared to my last area, and thunder storms, lightning, rain and more thunder for just a few minutes then it is done.  Crazy. 

We tract during the day.  We usually have, or try to have members set up appointments for us.  They will drive us there and stay with us while we teach.  That is preferred. 

Also I need a conversion story from my ancestors, four conversion stories, and one from each line.  So if you could find some,  that it would be super. 

We are teaching this girl named A.  She is super exited about the church.  She has been gone for a month, to a drug rehab program for marijuana abuse.  She has committed to be baptized but she needs some time and work before that. 

We are also teaching a guy and his girl friend.  They are true red necks!  The only problem is that his girl friend is still married to another man who will not give here a divorce.  We are teaching them a lot.  BUT he needs to move out or marry his girl friend before he can get baptized.  He is genuinely interested and asks great questions about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  I have enjoyed and been able to answer his questions.  They are going to have a baby together, so it is very complicated. 

Another family that we are teaching is a family where the women were sold into the circus when she was very young.  She is married to a man that she met in the circus another performer.  They have left the circus and live in Grand Island NE now.  We are teaching them, but it is a little distracting.  Well… She is the bearded lady.  Yes, full on duck dynast beard.  She usually has it in a front ponytail, like her back ponytail.  She is married to the strong man, who ironically has very little hair.  She still has an agent and preforms.  Kind of different.  But they are fun to teach and very interested.  Can a RS President have a beard?  Maybe you should ask President Uchtdorf?  Any way they are great investigators!

I have enjoyed and been surprised that people, especially the youth look up to me as a missionary.  They almost hang on every word I say.  I just hope I can inspire them and pray that I can say the “right “things. 

We do service 8 hour a week.  We have been building with Habitat for Humanity.  Building pretty nice houses for people who could not other wise afford them.  Everything from floor to roof.  We have no power tools except for one saw and have to hammer and saw the rest by hand.  It have been very fun building walls and standing them up and seeing a home build for way less that it would cost other wise. 

It was super nice to talk to you yesterday. 
I love you guy TONS.   Happy Mothers Day MOM, I love you!
Love Elder Vance

Mothers Day Call -Happy Day!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week # 37 ~ A hobbits tale from a not so hobbit'y person

So gosh, it has felt like a lot more than a week that has passes by and it was super long!!

My week in review is in my letter that I am sending today or tomorrow. 

It is finally getting hot around here and because of that we are not getting to teach as many lessons. Because it’s so hot outside everyone wants to be outside.  Because of that the people can see us coming at them and they either shoo us away or yell at us or cuss at us.   They tell us that they are not interested.  So it is a little harder to visit people but we are trying hard to continue searching for investigators to teach. 

So we are finally getting somewhere with this new guy that we met, his name is J. W. (I have talked about him more in my letter that I am mailing soon) he came to church with his whole family!!  I felt super that he came to church.  We will continue to move forward with him and his family.  I will keep you informed, but we are very excited. 

As for my health,  some days I am feeling better and some days worse.  I have energy to work but my cough is worse.  I am exercising more and am eating better, more fruit and less sugar. 

We recently had a super bad thunderstorm and it was so bad we thought we might see a tornado (which we didn't).  The thunder was so freaken loud that this one particular boom shook our windows and set a car alarm off, it was pretty funny but I was a little worried.

I need to get my bike tire fixed because there is a hole in the tube of the back tire.  I don't know how it got there though, we didn't ride our bikes for a couple of days and one morning I came into our kitchen (where my bike is) and the tire was flat.  So I’m going today to get it fixed.

I am reading out of Preach My Gospel book and we are and studying from it daily.  I encourage you all to read from it.   It has some great inspiration on how to share the Gospel. 

YESSSS!!!  I cant wait to talk to you on mothers day, I don't know when I will be able to do that, I think that I may have to make my own account and have us be friends. 

I finished my  millennium falcon that you sent me for Easter.  It is about the size of my thumb.  
 It was a ton of fun. 

My time is up now and I love all of the packages and letters that you send me,
they are great!

I love you a lot!!!

Love Elder Vance