Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week # 97 ~ No Hinges for me.

June 29

Hi  Family,
So this week was kind of ordinary except for Wednesday. Every Wednesday we go with the Spanish elders to do service at a food shelter.  While we were there a guy thought I had some very cool looking tattoos because I was wearing those under armor socks that you sent me.   He was very impressed by how much color was in the tattoos and wanted to know where I got it. Then a bigger lady thought I called her fat for telling her that she could take a lot of food if she wanted.  OPS!  Just trying to be generous!
Then some other lady gave me her phone number and told me to call her when I have a chance.  So it was an interesting day that day.  On Thursday we found out that our zone leaders came into our apartment when we weren't there.   They took all of our door hinges form our doors and stole them and they wont give them back until I leave and they also hid our doors.  So not nice!

I really think I have learned so much about the Holy Ghost here.  It is so important in teaching the Gospel.  And also in converting peoples hearts.

We are teaching a younger boy who said he wants go get baptized and wants to know God and what the spirit feels like.  It is so amazing to teach when people really want to learn.

Also for dinner on Friday the members had a sword collection and I got to hold some of the swords and some of them were from lord of the rings
And for Elder Jones year mark we went out to a really fancy restaurant called the Venue.

I got the package that you sent to me but I never got the package from wahoo.  I think it is in their post office still.

We are teaching a boy that is 15 and has done meth and smokes a ton and he came to church after the first lesson with him and he really liked it.

We are getting along great!  This is our third week of running and we are getting into shape. And we have not planned for the baptism yet.  And any color works.
That organic muscle milk is wonderful. Could you send me more? And my comp loves watches and weird socks
I love you, Elder Vance