Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week # 90 ~ Wedding Bells

May 11
Hello Family,

Thank you so much!!! I love you a ton!!
I think an early release would be the best
Recently we went to serve at a member’s house.  This is that guy that is a hoarder.  We helped him clean up and pack things up.  It was a lot of really gross work.  But we are here to serve.
So I loved, loved Skyping you yesterday it was super fun and really inspiring!!!!
This week we went to a wedding of two people who are getting married in order to get baptized.  It is a good thing; they really love each other and will be able to support each other in the Gospel.  The wedding was very fun in our building where we have church in the opthomaligist building.  It was very nice.

Sorry got to go, short on time,

Love Elder Vance