Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week # 92 ~ Leaving Wahoooooo

Week # 92

May 27

So it was a very full week.  Tuesday we burnt Elder Lopez’s tie and to celebrate his 6 month mark out on the mission. We used the rest of the fire to make hot dogs and smores.  We did not have all the right ingredience for the smores were just marshmallows and gram-cracker. We needed some chocolate and so we got chocolate syrup and we mixed everything in our mouths.  

Then on Tuesday night (the following week) something happened that I would tell you about when I get home.   Because of that I had stayed up for 48 hours and got 1 hour of sleep the first day and 2 hours of sleep the second day.   Don’t worry because it is all right now!!

I am leaving wahoo and going to be transferred to another area. President is closing Wahoo for about 6 weeks then reopened that is what Pres. Weston said.  No one knows why, nothing happened to make this closure it happens all the time!   Since wahoo is getting closed we have to get everything out of the apartment that is ours or any other missionaries things.  The transfer is tomorrow and I have to pack up everything of mine AGAIN!! I have been unpacked for about 7 weeks so far and now packing time again!!  uggg!  

Other than that we were doing service for a man who is an investigator. We had to move a lot of his junk and we found a ton of snakes under the stuff.   They hissed at us and slithered away and the guy (he is in a motor scooter thing but he keeps jumping out of it and I don’t think that he really needs it!) So the snakes shot everywhere and the guy told us to catch them so we did.   One of the ones I caught bit my gloved thumb and started to try to strangle my wrist.  So I threw it over the fence and got back to work.  That was the highlights of my week 

Elder Vance