Monday, August 25, 2014

Week # 53 ~ OWWW!! Get off me!

 Hello Family and friends,

A quote from my mission pres.

"I would like to urge (everyone) to again read the Book of Mormon...There is nothing we could do of greater importance than to have fortified in our individual lives an unshakable conviction that Jesus is the Christ, the living Son of the living God. And, my brothers and sisters, that is the purpose of the coming forth of this remarkable and wonderful book." President Gordon B. Hinckley

So this week was interesting and a little annoying.  This week I got bit by a spider on my arm, eaten by several mosquitos, attacked by a gardener snake in my apartment, and attacked by two sort of small rat-dogs (dogs a little bigger than a chuawa).  Also, my comp tried to kill me for the second time since we have been together.

So on Tuesday I woke up with a kind of lumpish slightly swollen (but really small) bump on my arm that itched and then later that night I got eaten by these freak’in giant mosquitos!! I am not exaggerating either.   I killed one on our 3rd comps head and it was at least the size of a nickel.

On Wednesday there was a kind of severe rain storm and our 3rd comp opened up the back door to see just how bad the rain was.   Suddenly, a gardener snake shot into our apartment. It was really confused and it curled up in the corner and opened its mouth and was trying to bite us and it was hissing at us. Elder Millett grabbed it and threw it outside.

Later that night he was praying on my blankets when I was trying to make my bed to go to sleep and I asked him to get off of my blankets so I could get to sleep.   When he wouldn't I pushed him to get off of my blanket and he got up and grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me onto by bed and I whacked my head on the cement wall.   He told me to never interrupt him praying again, and didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.  Later into the next day he said he was sorry for trying to kill me again.  He is on a lot of medication and has a problem with anger. I will survive!

Thursday.  We saw a lady by the name of sister Kister (pronounced kee-ster) and she had a little dog that was growling at us.   She smacked it a couple of times and the dog was quiet until we were going to leave and the dog attacked my calf.   It was trying to bite it but its mouth was too small. I was about to kick it when sister K pulled on the leach and smacked it a couple more times and it was quiet after that.

We have been challenged to read the BoM and finish reading it by December.  That means reading 5 pages a day.  It is going good so far.  Best news is the H’s are scheduled for baptism in a few weeks which is fantastic!!

and that is my week

Love Elder Vance




Monday, August 18, 2014

Week # 52 ~COOL

Hello All,

Quote from President Weston.
 "Perseverance is a great element of success. If you knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody." (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) "At least 30 times a day!!"

So about this week.
It was pretty much a lot of work.  We did a ton of service and one of the days we did service for about 7 to 8 hours moving some one our of their house.  We have been helping out with Habitat for Humanity and I think that some of the things about building houses are interesting. I love to watch and understand how they are built.  It is so interesting how exact they have to be in order to be put up right and stay that way.  So I think it was pretty good couple of hours of work. 

My companion is really crazy….but he knows a lot about the scriptures and that is good. I will keep trying to do my best!

Earlier this week we were trying to teach this guy from Sudan.   We gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon.   We were visiting him every now and again, he likes to watch this preacher on YouTube and this preacher doesn't sound like he actually knows what he is talking about. He just reads a scripture and then tells it back to the audience with a few words changed. People love it for some reason.  Anyway we tried to tell him that the BoM is not another Bible and he kept asking us where Mormon and Nephi and Alma were in the bible.  It ended up with him giving his Book of Mormon back to us and we are not going to see him ever again at least until he wants to be seen. 

With our investigator named B.  We are making a ton of progress with her and most of her family and now her one legged mom!! We are teaching everyone pretty much and it is great and they are really interested with everything that we teach them and tell them.  Our last visit we got taught their 6 year old daughter to pray and how to pray and it was awesome!!  I had to give her a little help with the prayer by telling her what to say but it was very sweet and a great prayer by her. 

So about some of your questions that you want me to answer.
How is the mission different that I thought?  It is different because I didn't know that it would be this hard and this rewarding for all of the efforts that we put in and get out.

What is the hardest thing so far?
It is all of the temptations that get thrown at us by most people.  There are some people who we visit that are like, “do you want to watch a movie?” “Want to play on my phone?”  and they are very tempting and no one will find out…. but I say NO, I cant do that. It is a great way to then tell them about why I am here.

What are my hopes and dreams for the future of my mission? 
Some of them are: to train a missionary, be a senior comp., baptize a family.

and that is my week…

Love, Elder Vance 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week # 51 ~dum, di dum dum dummmmm!!!

This week was freek-en weird!!

Thursday,  We worked all day with habitat for humanity.   We were putting up sheetrock and we did the entire house.  It is a three bedroom home with  and a kitchen and living room.  We sheet rocked all the walls and ceilings and I was tired!!  But it was cool to learn and work on my skills at building. 

We are in a tripanionship for the moment.  Which is that we have a third elder for another week or so.   Until his comp gets here from Mexico. 

Any way on Thursday I almost got to kiss a girl!!
So the third elder in our companionship is a Spanish speaking missionary and he got a call about moving a piano.   After we moved it a very pretty girl came into the room and leaned over for a kiss on the cheek….and kept leaning in for the kiss.  Meanwhile I had on a “duh” look and my heart jumped and I was freeking out in my mind.  All of that was happening at the same time. Come to find out, I didn't kiss her and she was from Italy and this was her first time being in the USA and the kiss was part of her culture.  After I found that out I was kind of sad that I didn't kiss her.  It was a free kiss and a girl wanted one from me!! uuugggg!!  Hopefully it will happen again after the mission.   Hopefully she will be American and want the kiss just because I am incredibly handsome.  

So as for my comp. We are working on getting along.   I was thinking about him and have decided that the closest thing that relates to him is Jim carry.  The crazy actor, just the crazy part not the funny part.

The H’s are  doing great!  They are progressing very fast and we are almost done with the lessons. As a companionship, we  are reading in Ether and it is a very weird book it is full of people who just want revenge. I recommend reading it, with Dad.   

Love Elder Vance

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week #50 ~About my ward

 Hello my Family,

So this letter this week will be about my ward.

Our ward secretary is like a tan Santa.  He is awesome!  He has a fluffy white beard and mustache and no hair.  He also secretly slides a tootsie roll into your hand when you shake it.   He carries a Cain around that I don't think that he uses ever.

There is also another man that is totally super cool.  He can speak three languages I think and he is a retired Cuban special forces commander.   He was kind of a secret agent for the Cubans and he has told me a couple of his stories.  They are crazy but somewhat believable!!  His name is Malcolm Leal and he wrote a book about his life and testimony.  I'm not really supposed to know that he wrote that book because he doesn't want it to become widely known, but I hear it is an amazing book. I will have to get it to read when I return home. 

The bishop is really nice and wants to help us whenever he can and so does the rest of the ward. It is very nice as there are a lot of less active members that really need some support and help.  We are very blessed.
And that is a little about my ward and week.

My health is great and I have been riding my bike a lot and it is kind of getting easier each time.

To answer your question about school.  I am thinking that I want to go to Utah State.  Definitely not Weber State, during the tour of Weber State everything was really gross.  Thanks for all you are doing to help me.  I love you tons. I have to go now.

Life is good here serving, I am happy and healthy and love you all.

Love Elder Vance

Can you find me??? Where in the world is ATV?