Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week # 79 ~Temple Recharge

Hello All,

So we went to the temple this week and it was very needed, for the spiritual recharge.  Both of us really needed it.   The ward is getting kind of annoying, because we are getting any help right now.   We are trying hard to change that.  I jammed my finger while playing catch with a baseball and it is kind of swollen but it is ok. 

Sid, our investigator came to church again and we had a lesson on the word of wisdom and told him about drinking coffee.   He drank 5 pots a day, YES pots.   After the lesson he quit drinking coffee.  We just told him that it was against the word of wisdom and it will benefit his life.
He said it is super hard to not drink it but he is not drinking it currently.  Power of prayer!

My cold is gone! I am pretty close to 100% now

I forgot to tell you. Sid got up one morning and his back really hurt and so he said a prayer and his back suddenly stopped hurting.   He is very impressed about that and he is gaining a testimony of prayer.
Prayer is so powerful, it is amazing and sad to me that some people have never prayed or did not even now they could communicate with our Heavenly Father.  How blessed we are to have been taught at a young age that we could pray for help and guidance in all things that are of pure heart and will make us better. 
We have been doing a lot of service this week, mostly moving people out of their houses.

My winter cloths are holding up fine and so are my suits.

I love you tons,
Elder Vance

Week # 78 ~“I don’t remember the song…”

Hello My Family,

I am doing great.  Life here in the Nebraska is busy and wonderful. The wallet guy is coming to church still but only to gospel principles.  We are so glad he lost his wallet.  How amazing the blessings are.  Our investigator with a baptismal date (Sid) came to all 3 hours of church last Sunday.
Yes, I did get your package and thank you for that, it was awesome!!  I love you!!
So, I have been sick for a couple of weeks now and I finally went to the doctor.   I found out that I have a viral bronchitis.  I am taking a prescription steroid for it and it is helping a lot. 

So this week was interesting.  For district meeting that we just had, we have a mission song (that I have not sang since the first day I got out here) and we are doing actions to the song, and they are very funny.  Also, yesterday we randomly got a knock on our door (which never happens) and it was a pizza deliveryman.  An elder that lives with us, his mom ordered pizza from her home in Utah and sent it out to Nebraska and gave it to us.  So we had a late night pizza party for about 10 minutes then we had to go to bed.  It was a nice surprise.

We have two new rules in the mission now. 
1. We can’t open or read any mail to us, when we receive it, only on p-day can we open and read it. 
2. We can only listen to church music and talks from now on.  No more inspirational music only church music. 

That was kind of a downer but we have to live with it now.

To answer your question...Yes, I feel like I have grown a lot.
I don't think that I am anywhere as shy as I was before I left also.  I also fell like my testimony and my knowledge has grown leaps and bounds.  How could it not???

My release date is august 19th. 
 I will not be able to do a lot when you pick me up.  I will still be an Elder.  I am no sure how that works?  I will find out, as we get closer. 

I would love some more Hank Smith cds that would be awesome, they are great.
I can listen to these, because we can listen to talks and his cds. 
My comp says thanks for asking if he needed anything.

Thanks for everything and I love you a lot!
Elder Vance

Week # 77 ~AHHH SICK!!!!!

Hello Family,

So I am sick again!!  I am coughing up stuff and have a really bad cough.  My nose is really runny and I am blowing it all the time.  It’s annoying and it seems to be spreading to everyone in town.   A lot of sicknesses come and go now.  I am taking as much vitamin c as I can possible take and trying to get some rest when I can, but we are very busy.  I will be fine soon.

On an exciting note, we set an investigator for a baptism date!    
We also found a new investigator!!!  I am super excited!!

I was given this picture and loved it.  It just says how we look in a spiritual perspective. 
 It is so inspiring to me because of how in a sense we are going out to battle.
I love you tons,
Elder Vance