Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #88 ~This Branch needs us!

Hello All,

I am feeling great here in WAHOO.  The area is very small and the branch is even smaller.  So this week we went to visit some people at an old folks home. We met a man named Osar there.  He is a little crazy, he thinks that two other woman put a spell on him.  He feels the spell makes him shaking a lot. He is starting on a lot of medicine so he will be “kind of “normal soon. We are trying to teach and visit with the people in the home and maybe teach a few lessons.

I am finding out more about my companion Elder Lopez,  He thinks that the Lunar mission by NASA was a fake and he isn’t joking either.  He is 18 and still kind of a "teenager" if you know what I mean.  But very kind and we are getting along great.

Yesterday in church, while someone was giving a talk a little girl in the front row decided to help with the lesson.  So she held up a picture of Jesus and stood on her chair and showed it to everyone. It was kind of funny.   

Wahoo is nice and the branch likes us a lot because they kind of need us to help them.  They need help with everything because they are so small.  This week we are going to do service chopping wood, it will be great to get out and start working again. 
Today for p-day activity, we are going to be playing basket ball today, after our laundry and shopping. 

Love you all,
Elder Vance