Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week # 85 ~Working Harder Than Ever!


 This week has been the slowest week I have ever seen on my mission so far.  We had to scratch by to even see someone for a couple of visits.   I am working harder than ever!!!   It is not very motivating. I also think that I will be leaving to another area at the end of this week.  Transfers are this Friday.

I have been here in Omaha for almost 7 and a half months, so I think that I will be transferred.  So hold on to the packages and letters.  I am going to send a letter home, it is a NOMRMA.  Nebraska Omaha mission return missionary application.  It is a funny form that girls fill our for missionaries in Nebraska.

My release date is Aug 19.  I hope that lines up with school starting.  I don't think that I can leave early either.  My short time is up and I have to get off the computer. 
I love you tons! 
Elder Vance