Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week # 81 ~No Transfer

Hi guys,

No transfers for me…YAHHH!  And I am still in Millard area.  I am so happy to have the same area and the same companion.  I am very blessed. 

So S.  Is now not progressing in a good direction.  He has been drinking coffee and a little bit of alcohol and is supering busy and is moving.  We finally met with him and we both are really sad about the situation.  We will work hard and pray hard for him. 

Other than that on Friday we stopped by a less active family and they are from Micronesia and when they opened the door their apartment was super hot and stank strongly of dead fish. Apparently they were making their own sushi and they didn't use any fish.   so I was really confused to where the fish smell was coming from.  Instead of fish they were using spam.  I guess it is cheaper that any fish. 

I wanted to be polite and so I asked for a little bit of it.  I thought that they would give me at most a little bit sized piece.  Nooooo, they gave me 8 inches of that stuff!  It was wrapped in a weird seaweed thing.  So I took it politely and we were off. As we were walking I decided to see what it smelled like.  So I sniffed it and almost threw-up.  I then thought, you know it probably isn't as bad the second time, it was worse.  Then my hand smelled like it.  I almost threw-up again.  So to be polite I waited to get far away from their home and through it in the dumpster.   You do not have to go foreign to eat gross food! Or to see weird things and meet interesting people!!

Love you,
Elder Vance