Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week # 84 ~Making good impressions!

Hello my family,

So turns out we had a second mouse running around our place!  We finally caught it and got rid of it. 

All 3 of our investigators are leaving us.  Two are moving and one wants to go to another ward, which makes him out of our jurisdiction. We will make sure new missionaries take over.   So we are sad and out of investigators. 

We went to dinner with the N families home and they are both very old.  During dinner they gave us a lecture about how you shouldn't tell people that you don't drink at a party.  They think you should tell them no thank you instead and politely refuse the drink.  That some how was the main topic of conversation that they wanted to talk about.  It was about an hour-long talk.  Apparently we impressed them so much with our comments from the dinner, they invited us back to go to dinner again.   I will keep you informed. 

Love you,
Elder Vance