Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week # 83 ~Grapefruit?

Hi family,

This week has been weird for me!   While we were teaching investigators, I had a day of craziness.   I was mispronouncing words, backwards inside out and pushdown. We were talking about planting the seed of faith…. I accidently told them that the seed will turn into a grapefruit instead of a GREAT fruit.  Everyone laughed at what I said including me.  We laughed for a while actually. 

S.  Is out of town again and won’t be at church. 
We have a new ward mission leader who is kind of a bummer.  He is telling us what we need to do which we are already doing.   He expects us to be perfect which we can’t ever be, so it is kind of frustrating.  We will continue to do our best pray a lot.

Later in the week we saw one of the 3-doomsday planes. That was pretty cool. We also saw that bomber jet that is really flat and kind of looks like a triangle. It was a pretty interesting day.

Love Elder Vance