Monday, April 28, 2014

Week # 36 ~Feeling SICK!

Hey everyone,

I have got all of your letters. I love getting them, they really lift me and make my day special.

I just want to say that Preston, he kind of made me a little excited/nervous with his little input in the letter from home it said " loving your PSN account, love you"  boy if you mess that account up I will …
1. forgive you because I am a missionary  
2. tell you to never do it again and
3. re-make it and get it back to where it was previously. 

Preston, I hope your knee surgery continues to go well.  I hope you get healed fast because surgery is not fun.   If you can find my doctors prescription that say’s that for a full recovery you need hugs and kisses form cute girls- you can use!  It worked for me and you will probably get more kisses than me though, but don't get too prideful about that!

Anyway, I am feeling good, I am currently sick and am coughing up crap.   I am feeling so crappy but I am still going and doing my best to go out and work. 

My bike tire is flat for an unknown reason, I got it fixed and am riding a lot. 

My testimony is growing with the work here in Nebraska. I am super happy, my comp is great.   We have not even had an intense argument and we are like best friends.  I love to teach and enjoy the experience with the people in my ward.

My time is out and I love you tons and really love all of your letters. 

…and I love you with all of my heart also mom!

I will send you a letter in the mail about my week soon.

Love you,

Elder Vance