Monday, April 14, 2014

Week # 34 ~Working Hard!


Last week was transfers.  I am staying and my comp. Elder Bailey is staying also.  He is now our district leader.  When he got a call that told him that he was the new district leader, he freaked so much, so I thought he was kidding.  But he has calmed down now and will be a great leader. 

Here is a little about the always strange and totally random weather we have been having in Grand Island Nebraska. 

Saturday it was hot enough for us to wear short sleeves and walk out side. I started to actually sweat a little. 
Then Sunday, it started to rain,
Then to hail
And then to snow
And then to blizzard
And then to have our cars temporarily grounded so we couldn't drive.  What an adventure!!

 We are just starting to teach a girl by the name of Anna.  She is all of a sudden super interested in the church. She was asking very deep questions about the church which include ' in Mormon marriages do they say till death do us part?' We were more than happy to explain.  We talked to her for about 2 hours and she wants to get baptized as soon as she can!!  She has not set a date yet because she is out of town for about a month.  I think that she will be a super great member.

I am reading in D&C 10, one of my favorite books!  I love reading in D & C.  In comp study we are reading in Moses 5. 

I had a dream the other night about Dad.  I was face to face with Dad and my bishop.  I was talking to Dad about something and Dad told me,” You have to love the people that you are serving like your family loves you.”  And that hit me hard; I realized that I just felt like they were like friends rather then a member of my family.  I am striving to change that with in me. 

After being out here for a few months and serving the people of Nebraska. I have developed such a strong testimony that there is a devil that is Satin and he wants to destroy us, but we can over come him with the help of God, prayer and repentance.

My comp it super awesome and way better that the last one.  He is almost a head taller than me and is really funny.   He helps me out a lot and he loves me and has started writing down some of the funny things that I say.   He is super into dirt biking and mountain biking and knows a lot about bikes.   

Speaking of bikes…I just bought a bike, and my credit card is not working for some reason.  My bike is kind of like our tan one that I rode with the front shocks but no back shock and it is a Giant that is what the bike model is called.   It has tires that are in between mountain bike tires and road bike tires.   I have a lock for it that clips on my bike.  If I get transferred with it I can bring it on the trailer with me. My comp has a bike also, we are riding all over the place now, weather permitting!   

There are a lot of hard things about my mission, which include, waking up at 6:30 and going to bed super tired at 10:30.  Also walking until your feet are both cramping and riding your bike until your lungs start burning.  I also worry about people I am teaching.   When they do something bad like do drugs again, pornography and all the other sins that are so prevalent. There is not anything that is super easy on your mission.  It is hard, but worth every minute to serve. 

I am doing better because we got a pull up bar in our apartment and I have been doing pull ups.   
 My time is up and I love you so much.

Tell everyone thank you for the letters and packages.  It really makes my week! 
Please keep them coming! 

Love, Elder Auston Vance
AKA Elder Brother