Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week # 32 ~A what?!

Hello family and friends,

So this week has been strange with its weather.  One day it was really hot and the next day it started to rain,  Then it turned into a mini snow storm and then stopped and it was sunny again.  The weather here is super bipolar here in Grand Island, Nebraska. 

During the week we met with this less active named J, he was very interesting.  He lives in a small house with some friends.   He told us that he has a gigantic under ground bunker with 50 foot ceilings.   He claims that Verizon built a cell tower on top of his bunker and since he owns the land, they pay him 1.5 million dollars every year so they can have the tower on top of his land.  Inside his bunker he has tons of motor cycles and other life saving items in it.  He also claims that he has drones patrolling his property.  I think that he is a little crazy but he is being totally serious about it.  I hope we can teach him some lessons and bring some “normal” into his life.  We will see!

Other than that we had a very slow week and nothing much happened.  Teaching, walking, reading, praying, listening, smiling!!

Elder Vance.