Monday, April 7, 2014

Week # 33 ~Suprise snow storms!

Hello family,

Yes, my hand is healing fine and all of my stitches are out now. 

So I put that letter that you sent me in the mail today and wrote a letter on the back of it for you explaining a dream that I had.

Here is my week in review.

Monday.  P-day.  Did some shopping and I am having to go to a different store to get my milk.  Prices are super expensive in some places and others milk is cheaper around $2.50 a gallon.

Wednesday.  We had district meeting and had district pictures. It was great! 

Friday.  It was another surprise snowstorm. We were walking in it and we got covered in ice and snow.  It is super hard to do anything in that kind of weather especially walks around and tracting.  But we are thawed out now.

We are teaching a couple of families. I am working with them to help them understand plan of salvation.  They are awesome people. 

Tyson, good luck wrestling!  Don't panic but concentrate, some of the best wrestlers in the world have won because they have beat their opponent mentally first.  Get some adrenalin pumping in you right before you go wrestle, it makes your whole body react quicker. Good Luck, you will be great. 

My comp wants that Red suit of Preston’s.   He was thinking when you are done with it you could send it to him.  We both think that that whole tux is super awesome!!!

Until next week-
Love you lots,
Elder Vance