Monday, May 5, 2014

Week # 37 ~ A hobbits tale from a not so hobbit'y person

So gosh, it has felt like a lot more than a week that has passes by and it was super long!!

My week in review is in my letter that I am sending today or tomorrow. 

It is finally getting hot around here and because of that we are not getting to teach as many lessons. Because it’s so hot outside everyone wants to be outside.  Because of that the people can see us coming at them and they either shoo us away or yell at us or cuss at us.   They tell us that they are not interested.  So it is a little harder to visit people but we are trying hard to continue searching for investigators to teach. 

So we are finally getting somewhere with this new guy that we met, his name is J. W. (I have talked about him more in my letter that I am mailing soon) he came to church with his whole family!!  I felt super that he came to church.  We will continue to move forward with him and his family.  I will keep you informed, but we are very excited. 

As for my health,  some days I am feeling better and some days worse.  I have energy to work but my cough is worse.  I am exercising more and am eating better, more fruit and less sugar. 

We recently had a super bad thunderstorm and it was so bad we thought we might see a tornado (which we didn't).  The thunder was so freaken loud that this one particular boom shook our windows and set a car alarm off, it was pretty funny but I was a little worried.

I need to get my bike tire fixed because there is a hole in the tube of the back tire.  I don't know how it got there though, we didn't ride our bikes for a couple of days and one morning I came into our kitchen (where my bike is) and the tire was flat.  So I’m going today to get it fixed.

I am reading out of Preach My Gospel book and we are and studying from it daily.  I encourage you all to read from it.   It has some great inspiration on how to share the Gospel. 

YESSSS!!!  I cant wait to talk to you on mothers day, I don't know when I will be able to do that, I think that I may have to make my own account and have us be friends. 

I finished my  millennium falcon that you sent me for Easter.  It is about the size of my thumb.  
 It was a ton of fun. 

My time is up now and I love all of the packages and letters that you send me,
they are great!

I love you a lot!!!

Love Elder Vance