Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hi Family,

This week has been very slow because of Christmas, so almost everyone was out of town and no one was home.  Because of this we got very few teaching appointments in for this week.  But the best thing that happened this week was skyping my family!!  It was so awesome to see them again and to talk to them!!

Something very startling happened on Sunday, the first counselor for our ward had a giant seizure during church and right before sacrament happened.  I had my head down and was thinking about some people we could visit that we have not visited in a while when I herd a very loud scream.   WHAAAAAA!!  My head shot up and Bro. G (the first counselor) was yelling very loud looking straight up and then fell off of his chair and started spasming and he had bit through his tongue  and lots of people came rushing to help him.  We called the 911 and had an ambulance come and get him.  After that we went to the hospital and gave Bro. G a blessing and hung out with his son and some close friends. I think we helped comforted them and lifted their spirits.   After an hour or so, they sent Bro. G home and we went back to church.  He is home and doing well.

CRAZY Sunday!

I am Happy and Healthy...
Short on time sorry,

Love you all,

Elder Vance

Elder Vance Listening to a Christmas Concert by Tyson on Clarinet
Family together again!
Elder Vance & Elder Elison opening presents Christmas morning