Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week # 15~ WHOOOO, what a week!

So this week has been very full and sad and exciting and busy.

Monday- Preparation day went shopping and did regular stuff.

Tuesday-   Had exchanges with Elder Johnson from Glenwood.  It was a very fun exchange. During that exchange a new person moved in and we now have a new neighbor living next to our apartment.  He has is a wild possum, he hangs out in the little bare tree that is next to the walk way.  When we have to go to the basement to do our laundry and he just hangs there and watches us.  I am unsure if the thing will hiss at us or chase us, but we will see.

Wednesday- Today we had district meeting and we were up in Glenwood for most of the day and Elder Smith taught the lesson. 

Thursday- Today was Thanksgiving and also when we find out about transfers.  I ate 3 thanksgiving dinners that day and almost as much pie as the dinner.  So later that day I felt very fat and didn't eat breakfast the next morning. I still feel full. 

Then we found out about transfers!  I am staying here in Shenandoah and Elder Smith has been transferred in Omaha. My new companion is Elder Elison.  He is super awesome and we get along great!  It was very sad to see Elder Smith leave!

Friday- BLACK FRIDAY!!  Elder Quail in Glenwood is now training a new missionary who is Elder McMurry, he is 25 and Quail is 19. How fantastic for all these guys coming out to serve!   Elder Johnson got transferred.  When Elder Elison got with us to go home he forgot some things in his old apartment.  So we had to go to Wal Mart -REMEMBER BLACK FRIDAY-to get some basic things for him.   Inside the store was crazy!!  There were tons of people with shopping carts dashing everywhere.  I swear that I saw someone snatch something out of another persons cart from the corner of my eye.  But we survived!

Saturday-  Elder Elison and I went down to Skate Land and did service there like we do every week and nothing big went on that day

That was my week

Love Elder Vance

P.S. Tell Preston, Makenzie and Tyson “HI” from their Elder Brother :)


                               Down Town Shenandoah Iowa- Christmas