Monday, December 16, 2013

Week #17~ Well, well,well, what do we have here??

Hello All,

So this week was just plain weird and very exciting.

On Monday we went to the Kanesville Elders apartment and hung out with them for p-day.  We found out that they had 10 pieces of foot-long small pvc pipes.   So we got there and we asked them what the pipe was for and they showed us by blowing the Nerf sticky darts at us really hard using. They continued to demonstrated on us and they shot very hard. It hurt alot!!! So… then it was open war between the four of us for about 2 hours.  I got shot in the butt, ear, nose, cheek, forehead, back, and teeth, and pretty much everywhere else on my body.  P-day or should we have called it Nurf war day!
During the week we went out for visits.  We try to schedule out who we want to see and meet with.  We teach lessons about things that come to us through the spirit.  There is no order, we just know what to teach them when we are planning for the day. 

On Friday, we had the most interesting food we have had yet.  We were at a less active members home.  It was warmed soft tortilla shell with a square piece of cheese in the center of it and a piece of breaded chicken that was cooked put in the middle of the tortilla and then covered in a very good sauce. It was soooo goooood!  Then we watched the testaments with them and made the husband cry.  It was very spiritual moment.  He is not a member. 
Saturday was a normal day for the most part we did service projects most of the day and drop-in visists on less active members to see if they needed any thing. Right before bed,  we decided to try out some of the more advanced functions on my camera.   My companion did swan dives onto his bed and I took a 60 frame per second picture of him and it looked like he was in slow motion, it was pretty awesome.
Sunday.  We had a new investigator come to church all by him self and we haven't even met him yet.  We taught Gospel principles class that day.  My companion has been playing a joke on two of the sisters in our ward making them think he is really from Australia and not from Utah.  So in an Australia accent he attempted to teach Gospel Doctrine.  During the lesson this new investigator told my companion that he was a very beautiful man and his accent was awesome and that he should be a movie star. !???!  Not sure why but we had a great lesson. 
FYI_I am healthy and feeling great.  I am writing a paper about the Atonement and need some ideas.    Would you ALL share your thoughts with me? 
So that was my week with a lot of service and visits in between!!!
Tell Preston nice job for loosing so much weight!! Keep up the great work!
Love Elder Vance

Thank you Mom and Dad  for everything that you do for me.

 Elder Auston Vance

Elder Vance  & Elder Elison Wishing you a Merry Christmas