Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week 18 ~ Another Church!

 Hello All,

Christmas Zone Conference this week was amazing.  Remember the talk about the Atonement that I was writing?  Well, Sister Weston, the mission presidents wife, drew names to decide who would read their paper.   Everyone, including me was hoping not to have to stand and read their paper aloud.  All the elders around me were chanting Vance- Vance- Vance,  luckily did not have to read mine.  SIster Weston kept saying only 3 more about seven times.  We heard lots of Atonement talks some were very good.  There were lots of  great talks and instruction and it was a lot of fun.  

Then jump to the week end....

OK, I have to tell you what happened the last two days.  Which are Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday, we moved a ton of things out of a members home in Red Oak.  It is about 30 miles away from Shenandoah.   We helped out four of the sisters missionaries that serve there .  It was about 17 degrees and I was in my Wrestling hoodie and jeans.  It was freezing but I was moving around so much I stayed warm and it was kind of like our morning workout.  After we finished with the move we got their old pogo stick for helping them, we haven't tried it out yet.  A little too cold and a little too icy for pogo-ing
Then towords the evening we had to go caroling with the sisters  (heavy on the HAD) and a member around the neighborhood.   We didn't have any where to change into our suits,  so we had to find a place to change.    Wouldn’t you know it, we had to change in a Kmart bathroom. It was a very interesting situation to change into a suit in a very small bathroom with your companion and hope no one comes in while you are changing.

Sunday, for the beginning of the day it was normal but at 10 o'clock we were invited to go to a friends church.  This church was the Methodist church.  We had the opportunity to talk with their pasture of the church.  We talked to him about our church a little bit and we also asked questions about his church and how it was set up and what they believed.  It was very interesting and we talked with him for about 2 hours.

Elder Vance

                                                             Christmas Zone Conference