Monday, December 9, 2013

Week #16 ~I am dreaming of Christmas!

Well hello there, today's story is about....
Elder Vance.....
bum bum buuuum!!!

So this week has been good so far and nothing special happened far.

EXCEPT for the freezing cold!!!

This week started out like every other one but, when Wednesday came around the funniest thing happened (NOT) we had literally freezing rain.  The wind was so cold and the rain was to heavy that the water was literally freezing everything it touched (including me) and our windshield kept freezing.  Then on Thursday it snowed all through the night and got down to -10 degrees and then back up during the day to around 10 to 13 degrees.  Since then it has continued to snow and to get colder. 

So we spend a little more time in our apartment than we usually do.  So to make up for that, we began some extra training, missionary style. We needed to train for unexpected assaults.  We are doing this to sharpen our Ninja like reflexes so we can dodge any projectiles (like snow balls) or any assaults like little kids swatting us with sticks (which had happened).  

So to help us train, we each bought two little $5 foam short swords and we fight each other in the apartment, and Elder Elison had brought a little Nerf gun that shoots really hard and fast, and we take turns shooting each other with the gun and the other with his two swords.  The fun of being frozen in an apartment with extra time to entertain ourselves. 

On another note, we moved in two new members into their new house this week.  Now they are part of our ward.  One family is the Taylor's and brother Taylor seems really funny and cool.

I got your package and cards they are great fun.  My companion is Elder Elison he is from Richfield, Utah and he has been out for about 9 months and we are getting along great so far.

I did learn something that surprised the heck out of me, It is that all of the elements on the earth like ice and fire, wind, stone, water etc., are all intelligences.   Meaning that they have a soul of their own and can think for them selves and that they listened to Jesus because they respected him a lot.  What an amazing world we live in and how blessed we are to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ to teach us and help us through this life!

I just found out that I can Skype you on Christmas and also call you so make a Skype account and tell me what it is and I will try to Skype you on Christmas!!

Love Elder Vance

PS.  Tell Preston to he CAN loose the weight!!  He will make it to Varsity!!

Love you lots!