Monday, September 30, 2013

Week # 6 ~ My first Baptism!

Hello from the Shenandoah Public Library,

I am feeling really great today. 

Could not wait to tell you that last Saturday we had our first baptism.  His name is Kyle T.

We started out by preparing the font, but the hot water wasn't working.  So the font was filled up with ice water, literally.  After he was dunked he was shaking his head trying to get the cold out and he was freezing cold for the rest of the service.  It was a very spiritual experience, I am feeling the spirit very strongly now. 

This week has gone by really fast and we got one of our less active members to come to church.  This less active member is a heavy smoker and does lots of drugs and has frequent seizures.   When he came to church on Sunday he was very hyped up on drugs.  His body couldn’t stop twitching and shaking and he smelled heavily of cigarettes.   He had to be taken home right after sacrament, because he was having seizures due to the overuse of the drugs.  But he came to church!!  So that is an accomplishment,

because he hasn’t ever been to our ward.

The sisters in our district wrote a song about our district of 6 elders including me and sang it in front of everyone for us.  I was so funny, and we didn't even ask them to do it, the song was based on the Aladdin song. 

I need to tell you to send the mail through the mission office, so that they can send it to where I am living in case I get transferred.

Lots of love to everyone,

Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the cookies and fruit rollups

Elder Vance

P.S.  send more fruit roll ups
more CDs and fruit rollups and Invincible CD

Need to go…

Love you,

Elder Vance