Monday, September 16, 2013

Week # 4 ~ "Why am I talking to him?"

Hi Mom and Dad, Family and Friends,

I am holding up great, and I am happy and healthy and my companion is great.

Now, a little about my companion Elder Smith.  He knows a lot about the Book of Mormon and whenever I have a question about something in it, he knows the answer, most of the time.
He is shorter than me and is just three months older than me.  He graduated in 2011 and wants to be a music major, he has done 2 1/2 years of college so far and sings a lot in the shower and in our apartment and everywhere else. 

He also talks in his sleep, he says missionary things like, "Sister Bart, would you like to say the prayer?"
and, "If you could just turn in the scriptures with me" and "Would you like to give the opening prayer?"

 A couple of times I woke up in the night and thought he was talking to me so I said,
" What scripture is it?"
and I would wait for an answer for a little bit and then wonder, why I was talking to him he is asleep!   Then, I checked my clock and went back to bed because it was 3 a.m. 

Everyone wants to know what my days consist of so,
Here it is…

First thing we do is wake up at 6:30 to workout and then take a shower and shave and then do our personal studies at 8 to 9, then we do companion studies from 9 to 10.  If it is P-day, we email and go shopping for food and other things and our P day ends at 6:30 pm.   We go to a members houses and teach them for the rest of the day till about 9 then we retire to our apartment for the night.

My new ward is super small, it’s about a third the size of our wards.  We are teaching lots of people and got one of our investigators to set a baptismal date to be baptized in two weeks!!  We are very excited. We finally got a food calendar around the ward to host the missionaries for either lunch or dinner, it is full for almost everyday this month.  We also are teaching a less active member that is a bible basher and smokes a lot, he quotes the bible all the time and knows it backwards and forwards and call the misquotes on church videos whenever we watch one with him.  But I think that we are moving along great with him.

We listen to the CDs in our truck, which is super awesome, we were lucky to get a truck with a CD player in it.  I am working hard and I am loosing weight. In the MTC I weighed about 215, now I'm 200 and its going down and I’m getting stronger.  This entire Saturday we helped move someone out of there house and into another one.  We did it so fast it only took about 5 hours instead of the two days they had planned for.   After that we pulled a lot of weeds for the guy that lives next to us, he has a gigantic garden.

Finally, tell Preston to appreciate wrestling class and the conditioning because I wish I would have worked harder in the workouts and wrestling moves because you probably wont be wrestling ever again out of high school.

It’s going great here on my mission so far, I got your letters you sent and also the raincoat that you sent with my wrestling sweat suit. 

Tell Preston and Makenzie to have a great dance and do an interesting day activity for the dance. 

Please tell Preston and Tyson to burn a CD for me on my mission to listen to and to burn the whole album of Invincible to a CD for me please. 

The address that you sent to, with the letters about how I was doing at the MTC is the right address.   Tell Tyson that the picture of the buster blade that he drew was awesome! 

Tell everyone that I love them and to send CD’s to me to listen to.

Love you lots family!

 Elder Auston Vance

P.S.  My P-day is Mondays at around 10 ish

                         President and Sister Weston with Elder Vance~ Omaha Nebraska