Monday, October 7, 2013

Week # 7 ~Sirens, Tornados & Brownies OH MY!

My Mission Week # 7

So this week has been very interesting. 

First, I am safe.  I am feeling awesome and very healthy; the days are going by faster and faster now.

Secondly, Elder Smith took me to a member’s house and we had dinner there, it was very good we had mashed potatoes and gravy and chicken and corn and bread. Then Elder Smith told me that we were not eating breakfast in the morning so I should get another helping of food.  So I did, I had two full plates of food.  Then and only then did the members said that they are bringing out the dessert and I was like oh no!   I will just have a little bit of it and be done.  What I didn’t know was that every new missionary that came to their house they would make a giant dessert for them and mine just happened to be a giant brownie that was made from one whole box of brownie mix and I had to eat all of it.  AHHHH, so I ate most of it.  I was very disgustingly full.

Then on Wednesday Elder Smith and I had a lot of free time in our apartment so we decided to take some pictures.  “Elders in Black” pictures, with a random black glove that we found behind our couch.  It was fun and made our slow day go by fast.

The peak of my week was a tornado touching down outside of town.  We went to a less active members house to teach them and after we were done we saw lots of lightning everywhere (it looked like a bunch of camera flashes going off).   After we left their home, we drove to another less active members house.   She was out side looking at all of the lightning.   We were talking to her when all of a sudden the tornado siren went off and they were very scary.  We ran into the house, suddenly we saw some funnel clouds start to form and we stayed in the house for a few minutes.   When the sister we were visiting did not come in, I went out to see if she needed help to get in, she was waiting for her husband to arrive home.   Right when she saw her husband drive up in his car and the alarm stopped.   Her husband told her that the tornado touched down in the town outside of Essex (where we just left from a few minutes ago) and the storm completely passed over us.  We were so very blessed that the storm didn’t do anything to the town that we were in.

Then at district meeting each companion was talking about a person who they needed help with teaching, and the zone leaders told us about a guy named mike AKA under-cover Jesus.  Mike literally thought he was Jesus and that he could preform miracles and that his past life was told in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, he also said that he could preform miracles but didn’t want to show anyone.   He thinks that the wrinkles on your wrists were the marks of him being hung on the cross.  They didn’t know what to do in that situation and neither did any one else.  I am glad I don’t have to try and teach him!  Any suggestions out there?

I got to see one of my hero from home, Elder Sasha Prosence.  He came up from behind me saying ,"BEAR CUB".  Which is what my entire wrestling team called me all three years in high school.  He was at my first meeting when I arrived in Nebraska, It was nice to see a face from home and get a huge hug!   We thought about doing some wrestling, but did not because we were in our suits and both of us rusty.  He is doing great and leaving to go home soon.

So that was the highlights of my week. It’s been a great and spiritual week full of fun and new and exciting adventures!

Love you lots! 

Tell Tyson good luck with wrestling & Preston and Makenzie keep up the hard work at school!

Love, Elder Vance

P.S.  here are some pictures also from what I have talked about