Monday, November 24, 2014

Week # 66 ~ Almost Thanksgiving!

Hello Family,

This weeks quote form President Weston,
 "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
(Frank Lloyd Wright)

The weather is an average 17 degrees.  At least it is above 0.   It got as warm as 60 degrees yesterday and now it is really cold again.  I am healthy and doing great.  Warn coat and boots and gloves and scarf for my face!

So this week was kind of a hand full or two hand full.  We have successfully gotten cussed out this week.  We had been given a lead to a person to visit whose name was Mike.  We went up to his house and right before we were going to walk up the driveway, he pulled into his garage.   We asked if he was Mike. No answer, so we thought he didn't hear us so we asked a little louder if he was Mike.  He saw us and through his backpack down and walked up to us quickly and sternly, asked us who sent us here.  We said that we have your name on our list.  He said " take my name of that f*** list, I don't want your f*** people to come here again!" I thought that he was going to punch my comp. I could feel the anger in my chest coming from this guy.  We said ok have a nice day and he said f*** you!  So we drove away quickly.  Other than that it was a pretty good week.  We have not had much success, but we have been tracking down people in this new area and making contact with them.  That is what we are supposed to do to open a new area. I love the package and letters that I have gotten they are awesome!  Thank you to all who sent them and let everyone know I am doing great and I really look forward to the mail everyday, it truly lifts my spirits.  This new area that we are opening is very difficult, but I am doing great!

This week being Thanksgiving, I am most grateful for my family. Plan and simple being away from family makes you so thankful for the family time and knowing that your family is always there for you.  It help when things get tough to remember my family truly loves me and is there if I need them. 

We are having dinner with some members  on Thanksgiving Day. 

My comp is great but a little strict on the rules. Other than that he us super.

Love you, 

Elder Vance