Monday, November 24, 2014


What a week,
We had a mission tour and Elder Nielson of the Seventy came to our mission.  It was amazing!

These are a few of my take-home messages:
Act or be acted upon,
be quick to observe,
don't criticize,
embrace others who are different,
open your heart,
try to understand,
move your feet,
be inviters (WILL YOU?),
who do you know,
connect them to heaven,
teach and talk with no agenda,
what do you have treasured up,
the ground always comes,
lose your life and you will find it,
have no fear,
the redeeming and enabling power of Christ,
obey with exactness,
take no thought-don't worry,
success is how much you give your will to His,
your silence means it's ok, baptized unto your own condemnation,
go to your office and become,
become a disciple of Christ...and there are many more!

For our P- day we got to go to the Omaha Zoo.  It was such a fun trip and quite a treat for us as missionaries.  Here are some pictures of the zoo!!  I loved the desert globe and it is giant!! Everything here is giant, it is was bigger and more exciting than the Hogle Zoo.  It has tons of buildings and even a 5 storys underground area to view animals that live under the ground.  AMAZING!!

The weather here is turning cold, not a lot of snow, but the wind chill is very cold!!

I love you all very much.

Love Elder Vance

Finally someone will listen to my message.  

 Jelly fish house, I could have watched them for hours.