Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week #50 ~About my ward

 Hello my Family,

So this letter this week will be about my ward.

Our ward secretary is like a tan Santa.  He is awesome!  He has a fluffy white beard and mustache and no hair.  He also secretly slides a tootsie roll into your hand when you shake it.   He carries a Cain around that I don't think that he uses ever.

There is also another man that is totally super cool.  He can speak three languages I think and he is a retired Cuban special forces commander.   He was kind of a secret agent for the Cubans and he has told me a couple of his stories.  They are crazy but somewhat believable!!  His name is Malcolm Leal and he wrote a book about his life and testimony.  I'm not really supposed to know that he wrote that book because he doesn't want it to become widely known, but I hear it is an amazing book. I will have to get it to read when I return home. 

The bishop is really nice and wants to help us whenever he can and so does the rest of the ward. It is very nice as there are a lot of less active members that really need some support and help.  We are very blessed.
And that is a little about my ward and week.

My health is great and I have been riding my bike a lot and it is kind of getting easier each time.

To answer your question about school.  I am thinking that I want to go to Utah State.  Definitely not Weber State, during the tour of Weber State everything was really gross.  Thanks for all you are doing to help me.  I love you tons. I have to go now.

Life is good here serving, I am happy and healthy and love you all.

Love Elder Vance

Can you find me??? Where in the world is ATV?