Monday, August 18, 2014

Week # 52 ~COOL

Hello All,

Quote from President Weston.
 "Perseverance is a great element of success. If you knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody." (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) "At least 30 times a day!!"

So about this week.
It was pretty much a lot of work.  We did a ton of service and one of the days we did service for about 7 to 8 hours moving some one our of their house.  We have been helping out with Habitat for Humanity and I think that some of the things about building houses are interesting. I love to watch and understand how they are built.  It is so interesting how exact they have to be in order to be put up right and stay that way.  So I think it was pretty good couple of hours of work. 

My companion is really crazy….but he knows a lot about the scriptures and that is good. I will keep trying to do my best!

Earlier this week we were trying to teach this guy from Sudan.   We gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon.   We were visiting him every now and again, he likes to watch this preacher on YouTube and this preacher doesn't sound like he actually knows what he is talking about. He just reads a scripture and then tells it back to the audience with a few words changed. People love it for some reason.  Anyway we tried to tell him that the BoM is not another Bible and he kept asking us where Mormon and Nephi and Alma were in the bible.  It ended up with him giving his Book of Mormon back to us and we are not going to see him ever again at least until he wants to be seen. 

With our investigator named B.  We are making a ton of progress with her and most of her family and now her one legged mom!! We are teaching everyone pretty much and it is great and they are really interested with everything that we teach them and tell them.  Our last visit we got taught their 6 year old daughter to pray and how to pray and it was awesome!!  I had to give her a little help with the prayer by telling her what to say but it was very sweet and a great prayer by her. 

So about some of your questions that you want me to answer.
How is the mission different that I thought?  It is different because I didn't know that it would be this hard and this rewarding for all of the efforts that we put in and get out.

What is the hardest thing so far?
It is all of the temptations that get thrown at us by most people.  There are some people who we visit that are like, “do you want to watch a movie?” “Want to play on my phone?”  and they are very tempting and no one will find out…. but I say NO, I cant do that. It is a great way to then tell them about why I am here.

What are my hopes and dreams for the future of my mission? 
Some of them are: to train a missionary, be a senior comp., baptize a family.

and that is my week…

Love, Elder Vance