Monday, August 11, 2014

Week # 51 ~dum, di dum dum dummmmm!!!

This week was freek-en weird!!

Thursday,  We worked all day with habitat for humanity.   We were putting up sheetrock and we did the entire house.  It is a three bedroom home with  and a kitchen and living room.  We sheet rocked all the walls and ceilings and I was tired!!  But it was cool to learn and work on my skills at building. 

We are in a tripanionship for the moment.  Which is that we have a third elder for another week or so.   Until his comp gets here from Mexico. 

Any way on Thursday I almost got to kiss a girl!!
So the third elder in our companionship is a Spanish speaking missionary and he got a call about moving a piano.   After we moved it a very pretty girl came into the room and leaned over for a kiss on the cheek….and kept leaning in for the kiss.  Meanwhile I had on a “duh” look and my heart jumped and I was freeking out in my mind.  All of that was happening at the same time. Come to find out, I didn't kiss her and she was from Italy and this was her first time being in the USA and the kiss was part of her culture.  After I found that out I was kind of sad that I didn't kiss her.  It was a free kiss and a girl wanted one from me!! uuugggg!!  Hopefully it will happen again after the mission.   Hopefully she will be American and want the kiss just because I am incredibly handsome.  

So as for my comp. We are working on getting along.   I was thinking about him and have decided that the closest thing that relates to him is Jim carry.  The crazy actor, just the crazy part not the funny part.

The H’s are  doing great!  They are progressing very fast and we are almost done with the lessons. As a companionship, we  are reading in Ether and it is a very weird book it is full of people who just want revenge. I recommend reading it, with Dad.   

Love Elder Vance