Monday, July 21, 2014

Week # 48 ~UGG!

Hello family and friends,

Here is my quote from Pres.

"Your criticism may be worse than the conduct you are trying to correct" (Unknown)

This week has been weird and different,

I have been having some trouble with my companion, but we are working it out.  This has helped me grow because, I have seen and experienced some weird and patience testing things.  Things are getting better now because we are working out the kinks of our companionship and it is going way better. 

The weird.  I saw a man walking his dog while riding a ride on lawnmower.  That through me a little bit.  I had to look twice.

I also now have my shoe print permanently in the middle of a road because I stepped in some tar that was very squishy because of the intense heat.  It sunk about 3 inches down.  Then while we were walking on the sidewalk, I saw some birds squawking at us in the trees and sure enough a white poop came flying down at us and landed right on my shoe and made a splat noise.  Gross!

I have also been riding my bike a ton and it has been kicking my butt. The bike rides that we do everyday is super exhausting but it is keeping me in shape.  I cant wait to go biking in Moab again with all of my biking training that I am doing.  It will be awesome.

Thank you for those cd’s you sent.  Those talks that you sent me were awesome and if you could send me some other ones that would be nice.

The H’s, they are great, they have been coming to church every week.  They had some bad experiences with other churches and this ward has been super for them and their kids love it.  We are teaching them the first five lessons and answering all of her questions that they have.  They are planning to get baptized on labor day weekend by her nephew.  My cloths are holding up great, sister H got me a couple of new pants that are around my size and she gave them to me for free.  They are a variety of colors like dark brown, grey, black. 

This is a picture of a rain storm.  This is pretty much the normal rain that we get all the time here. 

and that was my week.

Well I have to go, love you all.

Love Elder Vance
Normal rain storm in Nebraska