Monday, July 7, 2014

Week # 45 ~ Blessings

Hello family,

I am feeling good and fine!

This week was an unofficial P-week. That is what some of the missionary's call the week of transfers.  It was full of making sure that Elder Bailey didn't forget anything (which he did) and saying goodbye to everyone that he knew.   He is now in Omaha and I have a new elder and his name is Elder Millett from St. George Utah. 

I have not figured him out yet..???   When we are just talking to each other he randomly switches from a Russian accent to a regular voice a lot and is very random at times.   The good thing is, that he is a clean freak.  He is cleaning everything he can touch, so I don't know what to think yet.  Today we went on a tour of Hornady and I took some pictures and I will email them to you.

I have been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately.  I actually read it all the time.  I am still finding things out that are meant to help me. I just read it this morning and found something in it about my mission. What I’m supposed to do with the people that I am teaching and my companions both junior and senior.  I learned that I am to never destroy their faith in me.   I am to let them know that I am here to help put their life's course back on track.  Pretty Awesome!!! I will work hard at making it be.

I am recently reading in Genesis about my heritage in tribe of Manasseh and it is very interesting.  I learned that Manasseh is a sort of bad kid and got his younger brother put first ahead of him so that he got the bigger blessing.  I will read more and fill you in. 
I recently got my bike tires filled with foam so I will never get a flat ever again.  It cost quite a bit but should even out in the end in years from now when I still do not need to change a flat tire. 

I did not get your package yet, I think that it will come soon.   We are going to a members house for the 4th to watch fireworks at 5pm for dinner and firework fun. 
We are still teaching the family of four and are in hopes that we will get them all baptized before I leave this area. 

I love you all and know I am doing great.  Take care and read your scriptures.

I have to go…
Love Elder Vance