Monday, June 23, 2014

Week # 44 ~"OH HAIL NO!"

Hello Friends & Family,

Quote from Pres.
"Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is." (Aleksei Peshkov)

I think that we will get a whole family of 4 baptized!!  We are working hard teaching them.  I will let you know.  This week with teaching lessons was very slow, we only got 3 lessons in.

So the rest of the week was interesting, the temperatures were up and down the whole week.   Every day was a tornado warning or severe storm warning with hail.  There were 30 to 70 mph winds with the storms traveling at about 5 to 30 mph.  So all in all it keeps us on our toes.

We had planned a softball & potluck at the park event.  It was to get people to come together and share in some food and fun.   We wanted them to bring their friends and family that are active and not active. 
We finally got our first potluck/softball game started last Friday and it was a total mess.  It started to rain a little bit then to downpour and then to storm. If it was not bad enough, the tornado sirens then went off which freaked everyone out.   We took shelter in a nearby outdoor bathroom which I didn't dare go into because of the smell.  Our rubber bases that we bought at the dollar store blew away also.  After the sirens turned off we packed up and went home and there we found gigantic hail the size of golf balls. We were freaking out about how big they were. It was crazy!

Saturday, we wanted to try something crazy because it might by my comps last week here in this area, so I did the gallon challenge with another elder.  I didn't finish but the other elder threw up three times, we kept telling him to stop but he said he had to finish what he started, it was super funny. I was crying it was so funny.

I am pretty sure that I will stay here because I have not been in this area for 6 months yet. Could you send me some of Hank Smith cds please.

My time is up and I have to go…

I love you tons
Love, Elder Vance

My apartment Grand Island NE