Monday, May 19, 2014

Week # 39 ~So Sew at Sewing!

Hello family,

This week was interesting so I am going to recount it backwards

Sunday.  We finally got more miles for our car so we can actually use it when its our time to use it!! Church was cool.  I was doing a little bit of studying about the millennium during church and I found out a bunch of things and a lot of answers to our investigator A’s questions.  A is our investigator and she is always asking super great questions.  We have been talking about the millennium.   I learned that there will be no death during the millennium and when you get old you will be transfigured 'with in a twinkling of an eye'.  The greatest thing is that everything will be revealed to us: the past, present, future, and everything that is hidden, seen, and slightly understood with be revealed completely unto us.  She was so excited to learn about it. 

Saturday.  We were walking around a ton and we helped with habitat for humanity and for that we pored a ton of concrete.  We had to ware rubber boots over our shoes and a cement truck came and poured a ton of concrete.   We spread it our and around and then smoothed it out troweled it.   Then went to a giant potluck and I have never felt so full and after the food.  Then I played some jackpot football with some of the younger guys in our ward.   While playing that I ripped my pants down the thigh and every little kid noticed and pointed at me and said ' did you rip your pants?!'  So, I sewed them back together and I think that I did a pretty good job at it.   I'm not sure how long it will last but I am thankful that I had watched Makenzie and mom sew. 

Friday.  The Spanish elders came to our apartment when we were not there and hid my rubix ball and I couldn't find it for a couple of days until now.  I found it duck taped under my desk, to give them credit, I would have never found it if I had not fallen off of my chair. So funny!

Thursday Transfers…. I am glad that I am with Elder Bailey again, everything remains the same.

Wednesday through Monday was a normally normal missionary days.
My cold is almost gone, and  I am feeling much better.


Elder Vance