Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week # 40 ~”Pretty bird!”

Hello one and all,

I wanted to start out with a thought from our weekly letter from our mission president. I thought that it was pretty good,
"Map out your future, but do it in pencil." (Jon Bon Jovi) 
I think that dad will know who that is.

So this week was actually pretty interesting.

Monday.  Was of course our p-day, and it was an uneventful day. We hung out at Spanish's apartment all day it was pretty boring.

Tuesday.  We had zone conference today.   We left for Lincoln at 8 in the morning and we road tripped it all the way there.   It took forever and when we got there it was just about to start.  The conference was about families. It was very spiritual all about families and how important they are. I was very thankful for all of the things that you and dad have taught me.  How to sew, how to  iron, how to clean the bathroom, washing dishes, yard work (moving bark and weeding), and a lot of other stuff.  Hard work is important!  All these things have come in handy to know when you are on your own.  Hard work and knowing how to work is a lesson that a lot of people don’t know how to do.  A lot of missionaries were not prepared to come here and be on there own.   So Preston, Makenzie and Tyson don’t complain when you have to work.  It is a great lesson.  Dad I bet you never thought I would say that AHHH!

Pres. Weston also showed us a home movie about his kids and their families.   He said that all of them either graduated from or are going to Utah State.   So I think that it is a sign that I should definitely go to Utah State.  The conference was 7 hours long, we had fasted breakfast and we had lunch there.  We had about 8 missionaries in our car and we were hanging out for a few minutes after we got home.  When suddenly something darted out toward our front door outside.  Some of the elders were chasing it and a Spanish elder dove at it and snatched it and it was a baby rabbit.   It could fit in your hands and it was super cute.  So we showed it to everyone and took some pictures and then my comp wanted to keep it and so we kept it in a metal pot with a towel over it in our bathtub with the door closed, until it got dark and let it go out side.  I though if only Tyson were here, he could have it…. Well maybe!?

Wednesday.  Normal Day

Thursday.  We were teaching J.W, a less active and while we were teaching him he asked to go for a walk.   We went on a walk with him and down the street was a parrot in a near by tree.   We tried to catch it and it flew away to another tree and J tried to help us.   He got on his phone and was playing a recording of an old lady talking to her parrot saying ' pretty bird pretty bird' and making sounds to it and the parrot squawked at us and flew away.  So funny.  We will continue to help him along. 

 Love Elder Vance 

                                                             Zone conference May 2014
Our 2 hour pet bunny

                           My original group of elders and sisters that came out with me. 
                                                    Nine months & NOT counting!