Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week # 77 ~AHHH SICK!!!!!

Hello Family,

So I am sick again!!  I am coughing up stuff and have a really bad cough.  My nose is really runny and I am blowing it all the time.  It’s annoying and it seems to be spreading to everyone in town.   A lot of sicknesses come and go now.  I am taking as much vitamin c as I can possible take and trying to get some rest when I can, but we are very busy.  I will be fine soon.

On an exciting note, we set an investigator for a baptism date!    
We also found a new investigator!!!  I am super excited!!

I was given this picture and loved it.  It just says how we look in a spiritual perspective. 
 It is so inspiring to me because of how in a sense we are going out to battle.
I love you tons,
Elder Vance