Monday, February 2, 2015


Hi Family,

So most of this week was just normal until two days ago.  When it began to snow & snow & snow.   Our cars were grounded the whole day.  Then the temperatures dropped quickly to -25 degrees.  This was so cold so fast and so much snow that the plows could not keep up with the snow that had fallen. 

Saturday it warmed up enough to started to snow again.   Then more snow & more snow and it did that for the rest of the day and all the next day.  Since they could not keep up with the snow removal our cars were still grounded again.  We had the opportunity to go around for most of the day and shoveled peoples driveways and porches. We didn't go to church either because it was canceled due to snowfall being so great!!  It was a very long Sunday, but it was worth it because of all of the secret service that we did the whole day.  I am sore but so happy to have helped out so many people. 

The wallet guy, he is coming to church every week now but only to gospel principles.  We are not complaining, he has some great questions and is very interested.  I will keep you informed on how he is doing. 

I am happy and healthy, being fed by members every day and teaching a few lessons and knocking on a lot of doors.  Life is Good!

I love you all, time is up.

Love Elder Vance