Monday, February 2, 2015

Week # 75 Normal NOM week!

Hello Family,

So this week was kind of interesting.  Elder Wilson and I had a couple of interesting experiences this week.  One of them was on a Friday.  We knocked on a door of a less active house and no one answered, so we walked away and got in our car and started to drive away.   Then a lady opened her door and yelled at us to stop.  So we stopped and she and we talked while we were in our car. It was about a 5 minute talk and she didn't really want to come out on her lawn.  So we were kind of yelling back and forth to each other and it was kind of awkward but funny at the same time.  We had a good talk and answered some real questions for her.  It was great!

I am finding out that a lot of missionaries are going to or going back to Utah State including Elder Wilson.  So I will know a lot of people there if we go there and I will introduce them to Preston and Makenzie when I see them. 

 Sorry time is short today.  I got your package and I love everything in it.  The movie is awesome and really cool. Thanks for that! 

Love you, Elder Vance