Monday, September 8, 2014

Week # 55 ~Three down...Who knows how many more to go.....

Quote form President Weston:

 "May I commend you faithful Saints who are striving to flood the earth and your lives with the Book of Mormon. Not only must we move forward in monumental manner more copies of the Book of Mormon, but we must move forward into our lives and throughout the earth more of its marvelous messages. This sacred volume was written for us-for our day. Its scriptures are to be likened unto ourselves" (1 Nephi 19:23)(President Ezra Taft Benson).

So this week was GREAT!

I was able to confirm three people that were baptized on Friday!  The H Family.   It was amazing, during the blessing I felt the spirit so strongly.  I was saying things that I had not previously planned on saying.  It was a great testimony builder for me about the Holy Ghost.  I was very nervous about doing the confirmation and I was stuttering and worried about forgetting the words.   Our bishop and others helped me remember and the blessing was fantastic, I could feel the spirit and the words came to me when I needed to say them.  Amazing experience!
There were two family members there, to baptize the family, but they asked me to confirm all of them  I was very touched. 

Transfers are in two week from now, I think that I will train but not sure.  I have been in Grand Island for seven months now. Crazy…. 
I will be sad to leave and I am very happy now!  The ward is great about helping us and feeding us. 

You have been asking for some pictures of me doing "Nebraska thing",  I will get you that picture if it is the last thing I do!!!   Promise!

I am reading in the B of M  in 2nd Nephi.  Also in the Bible in Exodus about Moses and the people.  I am reading about the tabernacle and I calculated about how much gold and silver and brass that the people gave to the tabernacle.  The gold= about 2000+ pound,   Silver=3000+ pounds and brass= 1500+ pounds of metal.  Awesome, the scriptures can be as fun as you want to make them.  I enjoy reading and learning about the Gospel. 

On Tuesday we finally got to talk to the T family, they are some people that we have been trying to get in contact for a while.  Well, her little boy was really crazy.  We were in their front yard and he walked over to the driveway and made himself throw up a lot and then ran over to me and bit my tie, not just a regular bite but he held on even when I kind of smacked his head and told him to let go.  His mom pulled him off eventually.  We are teaching them and they seem to be receptive.  I love to teach the lessons and help people understand the Gospel. It is only hard if the person just doesn't get it at all. 

My mission sent home a package full of some books and things that I want to read when I am home but cant in my mission.  Please keep them safe for me for when I get home.

That is my week and my time is up and have to go.

Love you with all my heart.

Love Elder Vance