Monday, June 16, 2014

Week # 43 ~ Diggity Dawg

 It is HOT here!!

oh the quote of the day by Pres. 
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" (Mahatma Gandhi)

So this week was exciting and a little scary,

Monday.  We did our usual, shopping, laundry, hanging out and that kind of stuff.

Tuesday.  We went on a tour of Hornady Guns and ammo factory and it was really cool and we got to see how everything was made including the led in the top of the bullet.  Dad would have liked the tour.

Wednesday.  We had a freak rain storm lasted all day.

Thursday.  Zone meeting and it was ok.

Friday.  We were walking to Men's Ware House that is brand new a few blocks from our house. When we were about to leave it started to rain and hail really bad. It started to storm and we both got our umbrellas and rain coats on and started to run. We made it to a near by McDonalds and we waited there for a ride.  By then our cloths were literally dripping my pants were soaked through and my shoes had water in them. It was like walking in mini puddles everywhere and it took a couple of days for everything to dry out.  I am going into it soon to get pants fixed soon, I will give Men’s Warehouse our info.  Thanks!

Saturday.   Another rain storm and we had a tornado warning for a little bit but nothing touched down in Grand Island.

Sunday.  Was church and we got an entire family to come to church that was investigators!!  The lady has two kids and a husband.  We gave the wife a BoM and she told us that she needs a few days to read and compare it with the Bible.   After a few days she told us that it was very interesting.   She thought that it supported the Bible and went along with it. Everything else that we had taught her about the BoM and the Bible she thought was correct.  She also told us that her last church kind of offended her and so they were looking for a new church to go to.   On Sunday she took her whole family to our church and they really like it.   We were so excited to see them all.  I think they really enjoyed it. 
Have to end now talk (write) to you soon,
I love you tons,
Love, Elder Vance