Monday, October 21, 2013

Week #9 ~Normally normal things

Hello All,

This week has been very normal.   We are still in Shen, but we have been teaching lots of families on a regular basis.   Then, when we are not teaching, we walking around the town for 1-4 hours trying to contact someone new to teach.  This week we made two new contacts and scheduled appointments to teach them. 

We approach people like this:
"Hi, how are you doing today? .... 
What are you doing? ...
Oh that is cool, need any help with that?...
Then we proceed to tell them who we are and what we are doing. 

My normal day is really full of activities and teaching and there are very little brakes we can take.  Breaks are when we eat lunch for one hour then we go right back to teaching. We are eating at a member’s house every day for dinner and sometimes for lunch also.  It is great!

So the other interesting thing that we did during our visits to a members house, was make a duck tape light sabers.   We then had a light saber battle with one of the members little boys that he was about 11 or so.  It was fun.  Some times it is fun to just break the normal day of teaching and play a little… Then back to the LORDS work.

I have taught lots of lessons. I think that I am really connecting with this less active member, her name is Shela.  She really listens to everything that I say and really pays attention whenever I talk.  She is a heavy smoker and does smoke about a pack a day.   She has a house infested with cockroaches and has a son who is about 14.   He is a little inappropriate at times and always has to be doing something.  He cannot sit still.   We will continue to try to make a difference in her life.

So, the end of this week was very slow…. the most exciting thing we did was move some people out of their apartments.  Their apartment is on the third floor of the apartment building and it took forever to move them!  Up and down the stairs.   That is the second time that we moved someone out of their apartment this week.  Every time we moved them they had something that was super heavy that we could barely lift.  Better yet move it down three flits of stairs and into a moving truck.

I am reading the BoM again from the beginning and am in Third Nephi, chapter 7.

I am asking for those things because on Halloween we have to stay in our apartment all day for safety reasons. I have not gotten your packages yet, thank you for sending me the music! Please send it directly to my apartment

Thank you for the talking/typing time with me, but my time is over and I have to go.

Love you so much!!

Love Elder Vance