Monday, October 14, 2013

Week # 8 ~ "Dude, can someone take me to the hospital?"

Hello Family,

Well, this week has been a little calmer than the last one.

I am still in Shenandoah Iowa, tomorrow we find out about transfers.
I don’t think I will be transferred because, I am still being trained. 
I am feeling spiritually uplifted these days.  I am reading a lot out of the
B of M and learning a ton of things that I did not know or understand before. 

My Companion and I made some goals that we set for teaching a few weeks ago and we finally accomplished them, so we took a break and decided to have some fun.  We made a light saber out of a wooden stick and lots of duck tape.  My companion is super awesome and knowledgeable! 

We did a lot of service this week including, chopping more wood, and cleaning out a family’s really dirty and heavily dusty garage.  We had to take most of the things to the dump and chuck them.  We also got to put up Halloween decorations for some members.  It was really fun.  We also were able to help clean a really dirty house that is infested with cockroaches and smelled like cigarettes.  Finally we took a stranger to the hospital.

Now about the hospital thing, we were teaching a less active member out in his yard when a guy came running up to us with a towel wrapped around his hand, he said "Dude, can someone take me to the hospital?"  He then proceeded to take the towel off his hand and to show us what happened to it.  All four of his figures by his knuckles were cut open and were cut to the bone; it was a little cool and disgusting.  So we drove him to the hospital.  A surgery and some stiches and he will be fine.  You never know when a teaching opportunity will present itself!  

I am staying healthy and working out every morning at 6:30 a.m. and going to bed at about 10:45 p.m. every night.  We were able to watch conference last week at a member’s house and then one session at the church.  It was great to hear all the talks. 

Everyone is asking if I get home sick. The answer is no!   I have not been homesick yet, but there many times that I do stop and think about you all at home and wonder what you are up to.   I wonder what you are doing at that very moment!  I do miss you but am very happy!

I need to go…

Love you so much,

Elder Vance