Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week # 73 ~AHHH.....my wallet!

Hello Family,

This week has been great.  We are still teaching Brandon and Josh.  They are investigators that live next door to us.  They are coming along great. 

The temperature has been very cold, in the negatives.  I am staying warm enough; there are a lot of people home to answer doors when it is -31 degrees. 

I am reading in Jacob now and really enjoying it.  Later today we are having a birthday party for another elder and I.  I cannot wait.  I do not know exactly what we are doing but I a sure it will be fun. 

So a few days ago the Lake View elders found a wallet on the side of the road.   It had personal information in to, so they found the address in the wallet and his name is Yaping Tu.  He is from China.  They found out that he lives in our area and got us the wallet.   We went to try to give him his wallet back, but he was not home.   So we decided that we should just take it to the police department in our area. They were closed at 4 p.m.  Who closes at 4?  So we wasted a lot of time trying to get the wallet back.   So we decided to try again the next day.  We went and tried to find him around lunchtime and he answered and he said now is not a good time.   I am just sitting down to eat lunch (in a very thick Chinese accent).  So we asked if his name is Yaping Tu and he said yes!  We told him that we have his wallet and we gave it to him.   He looked at it with surprise and started yelling"aaaaa oooo!!" He was very excited and he invited us in.  We ended up teaching him all about the restoration and he told us that he is going to come to church that Sunday, and he did!!  He told us that he likes our church and is going to come by again next week.  I am very excited for next Sunday.

There were a lot of things that led up to that moment.  The day he lost his wallet he said a prayer to find it.   He was calm about it and the next day we showed up and gave it to him.   He knew we were the answer to his prayers.

I have to go,
Love, Elder Vance
I love you tons more!!