Monday, March 17, 2014

Week # 30 ~No Way!!

Hello All,

I am feeling super great!   We are walking a lot now that we are in a ½ car & ½ walk mission area.   My ward is very nice and very friendly, so is my companion. 

So the craziest thing happened right after I emailed you last week.   You know that drunken guy that I told you about.  Well we got a call from him!!  He said he had no idea how he got home.   He found a card in his wallet (the one that we put there) and decided to call the phone number that was written on it.  It turns out that he can speak -kind of- good English, but sometimes I think he knows what more of the words then he say.  We took him on a church tour and showed him all around ward building.   He said he could play the piano, so he sat down and started to play. He was kind of bad, but we asked him how he learned to play the piano and he just said, “ok let me play another”.  We are currently teaching him and he seems really interested in the church and very willing to learn. 

During this week we have volunteered for service to get our service hours in.   We are working at the YMCA facility and also a non-profit company that builds houses.  This company sells homes for cheaper than what it cost to make the house.   We helped them with one of the houses.  Part of it was that we had the opportunity to  caulking the house. Thanks to Dad, I think that I did a pro of a job on it. It looked like a professional did it!  So I was pretty proud of myself for how well it looked. 

I got my watch fixed, the old battery they saved, they said that it still had a good charge and put it back in and it has been working fine. I also found out that you could re synchronize my watch if the hands are off.  My watch is way more complicated than I thought. 

As for pictures you asked for…I will get some for you as soon as I can.

Love, Elder Vance

I love you tons and lots and lots
My apartment-Grand Island Nebraska