Monday, March 3, 2014

Week # 28 ~What do you mean frostbite?

Hello Family,

Well this week was pretty good.  I am healthy and happy to be in Grand Island Nebraska, for some new and exciting adventures. 

My comp, Elder Bailey is super awesome, I am still trying to get the lay of the land.  But everything is just flat.  I keep looking for mountains to get my bearings, but ahhhh….. Just flat to left & flat to the right.  I will get some new batteries in my watch so that I can use the compass feature again.  I really need it to find my way around. 

Most of this week we did our usual knocking doors and doing visits.  Until it came to be Thursday.  On Thursday we got a text from a guy in our ward saying that today with the wind chill will be around -20 degrees.   He told us that we shouldn't go out walking in weather like that because a person can get frostbite within an hour of being outside.  We are now in a ½ walk ½ drive mission.  We share the car with another set of missionaries.  So we stayed inside and got rides to visit people.  The rest of the time we were inside of our apartment either studying or playing around. 

Sunday.  We got four less active and two new investigators to church and we were very ecstatic about this.  It is a great opportunity to teach more lessons.  We are grateful!

Love Elder Vance