Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week #27 ~ It really is FLAT

Hello All, 

Monday.  P-day.  We did our usual and shopped at Wal Mart

Tuesday.  Helped someone move some boxes.

Wednesday.  District meeting.  I was told that I was going to give another training in district meeting by Elder Q and if I gave him my giant flashlight that I wouldn't have to give any more trainings, so I told him to get off his high podium of pride and humble himself, so he asked Elder E to get the flashlight for him.  So I had to hide the flashlight from everyone.  During district meeting I gave the spiritual thought and I thought that it was pretty good.

Thursday.  We found out about transfers and I got transferred to Grand Island Nebraska with Elder Bailey.  He is super funny and really cool. We get along almost perfectly together.  The only hitch in the area that I am serving is that we are in a ‘car share,’ meaning that we have a mini van for half of the week and we walk for the rest of the time.

Friday.  I walked all day all over town with Elder Bailey showing me around.

Saturday.  We walked around town some more and taught a couple of lessons to some people.

Sunday.  During church the first councilor was reading the schedule for Sundays church day and he said that "Elder Vance will be telling us a little about him and also giving his testimony today” I was like ' what!?!'  So I went up and gave a little testimony.  I think that it was ok for a short one.

That is what has happened so far in this week.

Also, I need to change the batteries for my fancy touch screen watch that you gave me, so where can I get the batteries changed?  Also can you send Hank Smith- thou shalt be nice?

Love Elder Vance

My new address:
Elder Vance
635 Kennedy Dr. #1 
Grand Island, Ne 68801