Monday, February 3, 2014

Week # 24 ~This week, felt like a week!

Dang this week was crazzyy!

Monday.  P-day.  I got the call from my Mission President during P-day on Monday.   We were still shopping at Wal-Mart and Pres. told me that my Grandma Margaret had died and I just started to cry.  On the other hand…I was also relieved that she had passed so she doesn't have to suffer anymore.  It is still a bit of a hard subject but I can sometimes feel her around me.  It was hard but I am getting over it with the help of my companion and the Lord.
Tuesday.  We went and helped out at the elementary school.   Part of the helping out there is that we read and are read to by the kids.  It is as part of the progressive reading class.  The kids there get excited when they see us walk in and are super ready to read to us, they really like us. 
After that we did some service and helped to clean a less actives house (not the smoker one).  This house has 5 cats and one of them just had 6 kittens, so their entire house smells very strongly of cat urine, almost to the point making me gag.  I was put in charge of cleaning their bathroom.  I was like ' gaaaahhhh', it took me forever to finally clean everything in there.  There were lots of unidentifiable substances in there and I am sooooo very thankful to my mom and dad for teaching me how to properly clean.
Wednesday.  We had district meeting and guess what?  I got (had) to give the training on  'How can we better tie the restoration into all teaching situations’,  it went bad at least I think so.  I was super nervous and didn't know what to say so we just read the section about the restoration in the Preach my Gospel booklet and I some how was able to stretch it to be about a half hour, so I guess it went kind of good.  After that we went on exchanges with the  Glenwood elders. I went up to Glennwood and Elder Q went with Elder Elison in Shen.
Thursday.  I came back from exchanges to my apartment and found that Elder Q had rearranged our whole apartment and threw most of my stuff in the dumpster out back consisting of which was about 13 new eras and a some items that I wanted.  He also went through all of my ties and took them out of the protective plastic cases and untied all of them and tried to steal my remote control helicopter.  Because he wanted it.  Needless to say I freaked out.  He also wrote on all of our mirrors with car marker.

Friday. Saturday and Sunday were just normal
And that is my week
Elder Vance