Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #21 ~I feel OLD!!

Dear Family,

Nothing super fantastic happened this week because of transfers this week.  Except for my birthday!  I'm 20 years old and today I feel my teenageness leaving me at a very fast rate!

I have had an interesting personal experiences.  During church yesterday, I was thinking about repentance. Suddenly I felt a giant weight that was hanging over me, I could still move around and everything but the weight was hanging onto my spirit weighing it down heavily.  I thought to myself  why even sin if you are going to feel like this?  This experience was just a moment of feeling it but it gave me a giant in site into what it really does to us when we sin.  It was a real blessing and I hope it will help me be a better missionary.

That was my Sunday-Love you all,

Love Elder Vance